Patricia Williamson


Patricia Williamson





Hair Color:

Red (Seasons 1-2) Chestnut (Season 3)


Blue-green/grey Red (While a sinner, Formally)


Joy Mercer (best friend)

Mara Jaffray

Jerome Clarke

Willow Jenks

Nina Martin

Amber Millington

Mick Campbell

Fabian Rutter

KT Rush

Eddie Miller

Alfie Lewis

Benji Reed


Eddie Miller (Boyfriend)

First Apperance:

House of Secret


Jade Ramsey

 Patricia Williamson is one of the main characters and Anubis members. She is is a member of Sibuna. She is goth and was very upset when her bff Joy went missing in Season 1. Patricia does not trust Nina and thinks Nina has something to do with it but then Nina invited her into Sibuna and she has known Amber Millington since she was 11. Patricia's boyfriend is the head teacher Mr Sweets son Eddie miller or as she sometimes calls him Edison Sweet (What his dad calls him) she has a twin sister named Piper who s a musical genous who once sneaked out of her music school and came to The Anubis house and stayed for a while and Patrcia has deffnetly been closer with Piper scince then. In season 3, she is really jealous of Eddie and KT, the new girl that is a descendant of the frobisher-smith's.

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