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Mara Jaffray








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Mara Jaffray is the geek of the anubis house. Mara has had a crush on Amber's boyfriend mick and then relationship which made Amber mad.Even though her parents are professional athletes, she is known as the smart, unsporty, academic girl who is super nice to everyone. she is a resident of anubis house with no idea about the mystery along with Mick everyone else other then Mick and Mara know about the mystery. Mara is very smart and academic and is known as "the good girl." Despite not enjoying sports, she grew up with sports her entire life as her parents were both athletes. Mara used to room with Amber, until they got into a fight about Mick, so she now rooms with Patricia Williamson and Joy Mercer. She used to be best friends with Amber, but they fought when Amber found out about Mara's crush on Mick. Amber gets jealous and runs for school representative against Mara to try to get back at her. She fails in doing so, losing to Mara after Mick rigs the election in Mara's favor. Mara doesn't think Amber and Mick have anything in common, but she doesn't have much in common with him, either. The two girls have made up after the Mick situation, but are not as close as they were before.She is very smart.