(K/T and J/oy) is the friendship paring between Joy Mercer and KT Rush. Although not much is known about them, they appear to be very friendly with each other. They are both in the Anubis Sisterhood Club with Patricia Williamson and Mara Jaffray.


Season 3Edit

House of Arrivals / House of PresentsEdit

  • Joy helps pick up KT's things when she falls.
  • They walk over to the common room together happily.
  • They stand next to each other.
  • KT was going to start a conversation with Joy but then Eddie started talking to her.
  • They both say to each other "Nice to meet you."
  • Joy says that she thinks KT is fun.
  • KT waves to her and she waves back.
  • Joy and KT are sitting next to each other in class during the family tree project.
  • They smile when they gonna talk
  • when KT finished introduceing herself joy clapped

House of Truth / House of HieroglyphsEdit

  • Joy and KT sit next to each other again in class.
  • KT happily greets Joy.
  • When Joy loses her family tree project, KT agrees to back to the classroom and find it for her so she wont get in trouble.

House of Revelations / House of QuestionsEdit

  • They both keep talking about the family tree projects.
  • Joy wants Patricia to stop being mean to KT.
  • Joy look sad when she said she doesn't need her help
  • Joy smiled when KT actually right about Miss Denby being cool.

House of Trickery / House of UnityEdit

  • When Patricia says something mean to KT, Joy comforts KT.
  • Joy says that she'll stick up for KT, and they hug.
  • KT and Joy are seen playing on a laptop together.
  • KT says Joy looks amazing when Joy tries on one of Amber's outfits.

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