Klariza Clayton


Klariza Clayton





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jade ramsey

anastasia dhanraj

Ana Mulvoy-ten


joy Mercer

Klariza Clayton is the portrayer of Joy Mercer in House of Anubis. Klariza was born in Hong Kong but was raised in London. Klariza is half Filipino on her mother's side and half English on her father's. She has three older brothers and currently resides in Croydon, South London. Klariza is also in a relationship at the moment as she said on her twitter. Klariza is known for her work on Skins and House of Anubis.


Nathalia Ramos-Friend

Nathalia and kalriza are potrayed as frenemys in House of Anubis so everyone thinks klariza and Nathalia are frenemys in real life but turns out they quite good friends! see Klathalia

Jade Ramsey-friend

klariza and Jade seem to be friends in real life, They don't talk much Klariza seems to be more friends of Ana and Tasie but jade is close with all her Anubis co-stars. see Klade

Ana mulvoy ten-possible close friend

Ana and Klariza are sometimes seen together with Tasie. It seems they might be close or best friends. see Klana

Anastasia dhanraj-Possible close friend

Tasie and Klariza seem to be close friends they are both shown standing next to each other with Ana. See Klatasia

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