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Keddie (K/T and Eddie) is the friendship/romantic pairing of KT Rush and Eddie miller The two met and almost immediately became friends. This is partially due to the fact that Eddie had visions about her before she came and approached her about it quickly. At first, KT thought he was a bit strange ("you're the girl from my dreams" does sound like an awkward pick up line...) but she eventually warmed up to him and shared her Grandfather's mystery. Eddie attempts to help her "stop the great evil" her grandfather mentioned. They are currently investigating separately from Sibuna. This pairing may or not happen because they act couply with eachother and may not cause Eddie clearly has left over feelings for Patricia. It is possible their be a love triangle with Eddie/Patricia/KT.


Season 3 Edit

House of Arrivals / House of PresentsEdit

  • Eddie helps KT pick up her things
  • KT helps Eddie write the fake letter to Nina
  • Eddie chose to ask KT to write the fake letter.
  • Eddie didn't mind when KT shook his arm
  • KT seemed concerned for Eddie when he had his vision.

House of Truth / House of HieroglyphsEdit

  • Eddie helps KT try to find what the key opens.
  • Eddie starts to help KT with the mystery in this episode.
  • KT calls Eddie a hero
  • Eddie is very flattered by KT calling him a hero

House of Revelations / House of QuestionsEdit

  • They learn more about each other while skulking in the bushes.
  • They act as a good team when discovering more in the mystery
  • Both are flustered when the others suggest they're dating.
  • Eddie respects KT's request for him not to talk about her mystery with the others
  • Eddie seems sad when KT said it was only her misson
  • Eddie did make KT hide first
  • Eddie cared about KT, so he hid her before he hid himself
  • They both held hands with each other
  • They both blushed when they held hands
  • Eddie goes through a bit of trouble to get KT's key back
  • She gets him out of trouble by giving Victor a fake package

House of Pi / House of MistrustEdit

  • Eddie and KT go to spy on Victor together
  • They argue about Mr. Sweet being part of the society
  • KT is concerned about Eddie when he pulls her away from her booth to talk
  • KT tells Eddie she needs him to help her with defeating the great evil
  • When they are spying on Victor, Mr. Sweet, and Ms. Denby, they stand very close

House of Trickery / House of UnityEdit

  • KT comes to comfort Eddie when he's sitting alone on stage.
  • She convinces him that he can handle the mystery by reminding him that he's the osirian.
  • Eddie defends KT when Patricia, Fabian and Alfie accuse her of working for Victor.
  • When Eddie start hugging everyone he hugged KT twice
  • When everyone hugged Amber KT hand was on Eddie shoulder

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