Jillow is the friendship paring of Joy Mercer and Willow Jenks. Their friendship mainly begins in House of Pi / House of Mistrust when Willow finds Joy crying and attempts to comfort her.They don't interact much but they are friends. Willow was concerned when Fabian rejects Joy and confronts him telling him that she is devistated.


Season 3Edit

House of Arrivals / House of PresentsEdit

  • Joy tells Willow to be quiet.
  • Willow tells Joy she's so excited.

House of Pi / House of MistrustEdit

  • Willow looks sad when Fabian rejects Joy.
  • Willow hears Joy sobbing and finds her.
  • When Willow finds her, Joy acts like she's fine.
  • Willow tries to comfort Joy.
  • Joy smiles when Willow says the fates had brought her to Anubis.
  • Willow confronts Fabian to tell him that Joy was devestated by what he said. This shows that she is looking out for Joy.

House of Entrapment / House of SistersEdit

  • Willow tells Joy she looks great in Amber's clothing.
  • Willow tells her that if when she moves into Anubis house, she'll be there if Joy ever needed a shoulder, despite Joy being annoyed and insulted by Willow and Mara's pitying.
  • When Willow said that, she touched Joy's shoulder.

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