Jina (J/oy and N/ina) is the friendship pairing of Nina Martin andJoy Mercer. These two characters began as frenemies since they are fighting for the affection of Fabian Rutter. They really hit it off when Joy disguised herself as Nina, and kissed Fabian. Nina seemed to have walked in, wearing the same dress, with the same hairstyle, and Fabian had no clue. They both liked Fabian so they began fighting over him. The two girls first met in the very first episode of Season 1, when Nina bumped into Joy, Patricia, and Fabian, while walking to the school for the first time. They did not meet again in person until the end of Season 1. The one of the only times they were in touch  [1]Joy and Nina look at the MaskAdded by ThatArtGirlwas when Sibuna chatted with Joy under Victor's supervision on a computer. Nina didn't talk much though with Joy. They are currently friends after the finale when Joy and Fabian officiall became just friends. Both are thought to be Paragons. But Joy wasn't the real paragon Nina was the real one because Nina was born before Joy on the same day and Nina was born on the chosen hour so that causes Nina to be the Parogon/Chosen one. Both of the two girls had the same birthdate Nina was born at 7:00 am at July 7 while Joy was born at 7:00 pm. In Season 3 Joy was upset when it was revealed that Nina wasn't coming back and in Season 3 she kinda tries to kinda get closer to Fabian to do stuff Nina would get jeolous by. So if Nina never left then they would maybe become frenimies again but if Joy didn't try to get closer to him because shes only trying to make him feel better about Nina and Nina never left then they would still be friends. They care for each other, and don't fart in each other's rooms, but since Joy is now dating Jerome they likely won't be frenemies again.

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