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Jade Ramsey was born Febuary 10th 1988. She has an idetical twin called Nikita Ramsey who she usually stars in films with. She is 24 years old and was born in Bournemouth. Jade usually stars in tv shows and films with her twin Nikita Ramsey. jade has known Brad since she was in kindergarden and Brad seems to have a crush on jade and also Eugene seems to have abit of a crush on Jade saying that he would take her to prom if they had one on Anubis unlocked but there have also been some rumours that Eugene and Ana mulvoy ten are dating, but Eugene has shown some feelings for jade.

Jade potrays Patricia Williamson

Visit the Jade Ramsey/gallery or Jade Ramsey/fanfictions

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Nathalia Ramos:Close friends

Jade and Nathalia have appered in loads of interveiws with Brad even though sometimes Nathalia stars with Ana mulvoy ten, Burkley Duffeild and Eugene Simon they are still very close to each other on house of anubis and in life! See Jathalia

Ana mulvoy ten:friend

We have never really seemed to be together alot but they are still good friends.She is mentioned to be quite close to Ana and they have had their laughs off set and on set.They are both seen with Nikita Ramsey Jades twin see Jana

Klariza Clayton-friend

klariza and Jade seem to be friends in real life, They don't talk much Klariza seems to be more friends of Ana and Tasie but jade is close with all her Anubis co-stars. see Klade

Anastasia dhanraj-friend

Tasie and Jade are not seen together much because Jade is usually seen with Ana and Nikita and Tasie is usually seen with Klariza and Ana but they still seem to be good friends. See Jasie

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