Ana Mulvoy-Ten
Ana mulvoy ten ben horton photoshoot in malibu 2012 dv5X3NM sized


Ana Mulvoy-ten






Eugene Simon (possible boyfriend or crush)

brad kavanagh (Possible crush or boyfriend)


Eugene Simon (Best Friend)

Klariza Clayton

Anastasia dhanraj

Jade Ramsey

Nathalia Ramos


Amber Millington

Ana Maria Mulvoy-Ten (May 8th 1992) she is an English/Spanish actress. Ana was born in London england she is half spanish and has starred in an Spanish TV show as Rosi. She also starred as Aphrodite the goddess of beauty and love in the TV show Myths. She is also going to star in a new movie called first time loser. Ana is 5'6 tall. She has 3 sisters that are all adopted called Bella, Emmy and Claudia. She shared an apartment with Tasie before she moved. She currently plays Amber Millington in House of Anubis but left at House of Trickery/House of Unity and it is unkown if she will come back.

She potrays Amber Millington

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Nathalia Ramos:Best friend

Nathlia and Ana are really good friends they mentioned on Anubis unlocked that they both go to the gym and learn their lines after shooting. They are quite close they seem to spend alot of tme together and have had alot of fun together. They have mentioned in interveiws that theve had

Jade and ana

a few laughs together and they are really good friends.See Nathana

Jade Ramsey: friend We have never really seemed to be together alot but they are still good friends.She is mentioned to be quite close to Ana and they have had their laughs off set and on set. see Jana

Anastasia dhanraj:friend

Tasie and Ana have been friends they both are nothing alike on the house of anubis Anas charactor loves boys and is an airhead when Tasies charactor likes researchg and does not really care about boys but in real life Ana admitted she knows 4 languges and is a massive nerd and nathalia told us on Anubis unlocked that Tasie spends the most time infront of the mirror. they are still close dispite their differences. See anasie

Klariza Clayton:friend

Ana and Klariza are not seen together much but are still friends they both are not really talkitive much but Ana sometimes does mention her in interveiws. see Klana

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